Ephesus Pamukkale tours with overnight buses

DAY 01

Departure from Istanbul to Selcuk by overnight bus Pick up from your hotel and transfer to bus. Take the overnight bus from Istanbul to Selcuk-Ephesus.

DAY 02
You will arrive in Selcuk, our representative will meet you in the bus station and transfer you to hotel. Around 09:30am you will be picked up for the full day tour of Ephesus and Virgin Mary House. After the tour back to hotel and overnight in Selcuk-Ephesus or Kusadasi.
Full Day Ephesus Tour Details:
Ephesus: Of Turkey''s hundreds of ancient cities and classical ruins, Ephesus is the grandest and best preserved city on the Mediterranean. The home town of the legendary ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, Ephesus boasts a concentration of classical art and architecture and overall it holds a big importance for Christianity.

The ancient traveler Pausanias deemed Ephesus the -quot;most wondrous of the Seven Ancient Wonders-quot; and -quot;the most beautiful work ever created by humankind.-quot; The first major structure built entirely of marble and the largest edifice in the ancient Greek world, the Temple of Artemis was four times as big as the Parthenon in Athens. The 6th century philosopher Heraclitus was said to have been so enamored of this massive monument that he deposited his enigmatic treatise on the nature of the universe in the temple instead of publishing it (he later claimed that no one but the gods could understand his theories anyway).

Legend has it that the Virgin Mary, accompanied by St.John, came to Ephesus at the end of her life, circa 37-45 AD. In 1967 Pope Paul VI visited the site, where a chapel now stands, and confirmed the authenticity of the legend. A small traditional service, celebrated by Orthodox and Muslim clergy on 15 August each year in honor of Mary''s Assumption into heaven, is now the major event here. To Muslims, Mary is Meryem-ana, Mother Mary, who bore Isa Peygamber, the Prophet Jesus.

DAY 03
Pamukkale Tour and return to Istanbul After having breakfast from hotel, you will be picked up for the tour of Pamukkale. After the tour, our representative will transfer you to bus station and you''ll have return night bus to Istanbul.

Full Day Pamukkale Tour Details:
Pamukkale: The archeological datums show that the evidences of the first settlement were seen at the beginning of the Calcolitic Age (5500-3000 B.C.)Between 1954-1959. The Institue of the British Archeology excaveted in Çivril-Beycesultan Tumulus and very important samples were found for the West Anatolian Calcolitic, those are also important for the The Anatolian History. In these days Beycesultan ruins are being exhibited in Hieropolis Archeology Museum.

After the Calcolitic Period, the settlements on this valley continued in the Bronze Ages (early, middle,latest 3000-1200 B.C.)The Hittites reigned this region in 2000-1200 B.C. After the Hittite Emperior had been demolished, the Phrgians controlled the region(700-545 B.C.) Between 545 and 333 B.C. the Persian domination took part.In 333 B.C. the Persian King was defeated by Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Period started. According to the testament, the Kingdom of Pergamum was given to Rome by Attolos III. The Roman period started in Anatolia and the area was joined as a province of Asia(Anatolia) from 129 B.C.

DAY 04
You will arrive in Istanbul, transferred to your hotel.

* -Transfer from Istanbul to Selcuk
* -Full day visit to Ephesus
* -Full day visit to Pamukkale
* -Lunch during the Ephesus and Pamukkale Tours
* -One night hotel reservation
* -Transfer from Selcuk to Istanbul
* -Professional guidance
* -Museum entrance fees