Ottaman heritage (Half Day Morning Tour)

Topkapż Palace
This is an extraordinary complex of buildings that extends over one of Istanbul's seven hills in a splendid position. The palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments and is a major tourist attraction today, containing the most holy relics of the Muslim world such as the prophet Muhammed's cloak and sword. Topkapż Palace is among those monuments belonging to the "Historic Areas of Istanbul", which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, and is described in Criterion iv as "the best example of ensembles of palaces of the Ottoman period.

Grand Bazaar 
(Closed on Sunday & replaced with Spice Bazaar)

One of the largest covered markets in the world with more than 60 streets and 5.000 shops, where you will find in an authentic oriental atmosphere, all kind of gifts, leather clothing, rugs, antiques, jewellery, hand-woven fabrics etc...